Xiaomi Mi Headphones 2nd gen – best headphones $100 can buy

Xiaomi used to be known for copying Apple’s products only… and while their laptops and tablets still resemble your MacBooks and iPads, the company offers quite a few products with original design and very good value for the money. 

Thanks to Gearbest I had a chance to take a closer look and the second generation Xiaomi Mi Headphones. 

Mi Headphones are packed in a white box, typical for Xiaomi products.

Inside, there’s a hard carrying case and a little bit of literature.

One half of the case is molded providing a snug fit for folded headphones. On the other side, there’s a small netting with a few essential accessories – audio cable, 6.3 mm jack adaptor and another adaptor for connecting your headphones to the airplane’s onboard entertainment system. 

Mi Headphones look absolutely gorgeous. Black and gold aesthetics is consistent down to the smallest detail like the color of the stitching on the headband material. The outer earcups ring is made of anodized aluminum but the mesh part inside is made of plastic. The PU leather padding is soft and feels nice to touch, but it’s not as durable real leather. The inner diameter of earcups is a little over 4 cm which is too small to fit my rather big ears. As far as I know, you can replace these with larger ones just like you could on the first generation headset, but this time around Xiaomi does not include them in the box. Apart from the length adjustment, the earcups swivel a few degrees in two axis which is more than enough. The headband is covered in polyurethane material which does resemble real leather. 

Mi Headphones feature a detachable audio cable, which measures 1 meter 40 cm and has your typical 3.5 mm minijack connector on one end and a pair of micro jacks on the other. Most of the cable is braided and where the sleeving ends, there’s a single control button along with a microphone. 

Left and right channel’s socket and the connector are differentiated with colors. 

Xiaomi headset has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 40 kHz. 32 Ohms impedance means that they will sound good with your smartphone as well as a dedicated headphones amp. Drivers feature a graphene diaphragm and a passive radiator which helps to reproduce lower frequencies. 

Since I have pretty large ears, I was concerned about the comfort of such headset. And my concerns turned out to be somewhat justified. The headband padding is nice and comfortable and the earcups adjust to the shape of your head… but after 40 or so minutes, I start to feel discomfort, which only gets worse over time. I’m pretty sure that larger earcups would help, too bad Xiaomi no longer includes them in the box. 

I like the detachable cable design – makes it easier to transport the headset and replace it if it falls victim to your cat. 

I tested Mi Headset using a RasbperryPi fitted with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro connected either to a small headphones tube amp or SoundBlaster X7 audio interface as well as with mobile devices – my aging Huawei P8 smartphone and Xiaomi MiPad 2 tablet. 

These headphones sound amazing. If you’re a fan of base you won’t be disappointed – there’s plenty of low frequencies yet they remain tight and under control. High frequencies are very clear and not tiring at all and the same applies to the vocals. 

The control pod thingy isn’t entirely useless as you can pause and resume playback but this is pretty much the only use as I’m not the kind of person who uses a headset to make voice calls. 

Mi Headphones is in many ways a very good product. They are compact and look very nice so it’s not embarrassing at all to use these in public. The ergonomics are a little questionable – but this is very subjective… what’s most important is that the sound quality is amazing and it makes up for the mild discomfort that you may experience. At $100 Mi Headphones are a great value and can easily take on much more expensive headsets.


  • hi-fi sound
  • great value
  • fantastic looks
  • well made


  • might feel a little uncomfortable

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